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About us

    Camara is an International education organisation dedicated to using technology to improve the quality of education in disadvantaged communities around the world. Camara focus on delivering quality ICT based educational solutions focusing on infrastructure, teacher and school leader capacity development, ongoing professional support for schools and ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

    Camara's current strategy plan focuses on three key goals;

        i)   Prove the impact of Camara;

        ii)   Improve the quality of Camara‚Äôs interventions; and

        iii)   Scale; scaling up the delivery of the Camara package.

    An improved educational delivery model allows Camara's Education Hubs to focus on educating teachers and educators to deliver 21st Century Skills to students through a context appropriate solution. Founded ten years ago in Dublin, Ireland the organisation has built a proven model of 'education delivery' that is both sustainable and highly scalable.

    Camara is a registered charity in the US, Ireland and the UK. It currently operates seven Education Hubs in Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Zambia, Uganda, Lesotho, Tanzania), one in Jamaica and one in Ireland. All Hubs operate as social enterprises and are financially sustainable after one year.

Our impact:

Our impact